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Air Jordan Grape Campout 9.29-9.30 midnight

September 30th, 2006 by Larry

Lacey was the first person in line, and people were shocked that a girl would be first in line. Dirty looks were being shot up to the front of the line all day.

I’m glad we arrived crazy-early to Niketown Atlanta. It really paid-off as there were only three pairs of 10.5 available to the general public, one pair of 11′s and only three pairs of 10′s. This range consists of the most common foot sizes…meaning that if we weren’t first in line, not all of us would have been able to score our respective sizes.
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Billboard #1

September 29th, 2006 by Larry

The killer mix you’re hearing is called “Smash Your Head” by Girl Talk
Look for EC all over town and we’ll see you at the Girl Talk show at Azul in October.
TURN THE VOLUME UP on the vid…

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EC x MODA “To A T” Opening Reception T

September 28th, 2006 by Larry

These are promo tees for the MODA “To A T” show opening.
The photos can’t do the colors justice.
The Neon Magenta/Cyan shirts are fire.
Hit us up if you want one…
Lots of girls sizes are available.
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Post-Critique Madness

September 16th, 2006 by Larry


Lemme start off by saying our critiques went really well for the whole crew. Any confidence we were lacking with our school designs has disappeared and we now rule the world.

We’re a hard working bunch and we make it work. We also don’t take any $hit from anyone…you haters (with Napoleon complexes) know who you are and we’re about to make your asses work for us [sorry for the belligerence, but it's been a long time coming]. Maybe if you worked hard for what you wanted, you’d realize that your hate is just a bunch of jealousy and that you’re too much of a lazy-bitch to get your own thing going…which is why you hate on us.

So this night was a celebration of finishing another chapter at PC. Another one will be starting soon in October. Everything that was supposed to happen happened. Alena came out with her friends, Jorge took these insane photos, Dave “Night Ripper” McCanless got drunk and spilled everyone’s drinks…

It was great to see a good portion of the Atlanta EC family out and kickin’ it. Thanks to everyone who came out. You guys truely are the best.

Cheers to Jorge who will be in Germany for the next few months. We’ll miss working with him. He’s definitely the most hard-working, sincere, easy-to-work-with, and personable photographer we’ve ever met.


see all the pictures after the jump.
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