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October 17th, 2006 by Larry

Need directions to the big show? Just Click here, print out the directions on the next page, and show up on time. The opening reception is only from 6 to 9pm so don’t be late. Don’t spend like 3 hours deciding which EC shirt you feel like wearing just throw one on and get up there!

This comes straight from representatives of the museum, “I am super excited about the opening–word on the street is that there’s going to be an Epidemik Coalition Army, which is awesome.”

Of course there will be. The entire EC family is coming out for this one. There will be an official “To A T” after party at The Globe.

The Epidemik Coalition after-after party is at The Local. Whiskey-Cokes & Newcastles for everyone.


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  1. G-Unit Says:

    Are we there yet?

  2. matthew welborn, P.h.DooDoo Says:

    do yol thang at the gallery kids. dont poke a hole through any 3.1 mil dollar Picasso paintings, or knock down any of Gary Busey’s sculptures. He will break you

  3. SPD Says:

    good luck tonight boys, not that you’ll need it. good luck as in…i hope you have fun while you’re taking over ATL’s art scene. drink a Newcastle for me, 1010. i wish i could be there!

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