Drop Dead Gorgeous

December 5th, 2006 by Larry

Drop Dead Gorgeous is stylish social gathering bringing together the best of Atlanta’s fashion, music, and nightlife community to benefit victims of global child trafficking.

The purpose of the event is to help raise awareness of sex trafficking and help you realize that we can each personally do something tangible to address this issue. One simple first step is to attend the event and take advantage of the chance to purchase a “beauty kit” – a package of hair and makeup products- that will be given directly to the girls who are recovering from their trafficking experience.

Epidemik Coalition has decided to donate a custom EC kit which will include a 1-off tee designed specifically for the event, limited edition buttons, and stickers. Whoever bids on our bundle will be getting really rare Epidemik Coalition schwag and will be donating to a great cause.

Come out to Eclipse di Sol tonight (December 6th) and enjoy free Peroni beer, free sangria, delicious food and door prizes. This fun evening will be guided by a few select hosts that will also help us learn about the plight of trafficking victims in Europe and Asia.

Even though it’s studio week for us Portfolio Center brats, we’re going to go out and show our support for real people doing really good things in our community.

No excuses…don’t be a self-centered, apathetic-lazy-ass-bitch…your school work can take a back seat for a couple of hours and everyone who has a job should be off of work by 9pm. Hadi is going to be there and I KNOW for a fact he’s a busy dude (just look at all the freaking photos he took for George on his Flickr account. Not to mention the shoot he’s going to do for me on Friday).
So you really have no excuse!

Eclipse di Sol
December 6th
9 to 11pm


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  1. Larry Says:

    the event was hottt and super successful.
    i don’t know who ended up with our package, but i’m sure they are happy.
    props to russ and everyone at the passport for setting up a great event.

  2. Nikki Says:

    Yaaaahhhhh!!!! Wish I was there!!!!!

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