Bass Not Bombs

December 7th, 2006 by Larry

These are 2 shirts Alena and I designed for a directed elective class we are taking together. We have created a fictitious concert series called Summit that will take place in various cities all over the globe; raising awareness and donations of supplies for the Iraq National Symphony Orchestra.

The plight of the Iraq National Symphony Orchestra is that they don’t have access to many music supply stores, so their equipment is truely bogus sometimes. Not only is it hard for them to find replacement bows for violins or reeds for woodwinds, but they are also hated-on by people that don’t agree with their playing of Western Styles of music. That’s like telling Eminem to stop rapping because he’s not black. I think that if you want to play music, you should be allowed to do so. No question.

What you see here are an example of what the concert tees will look like…not carrying the Summit logo or any other branding…just universal sayings that young folks can relate to.


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