Kevin Byrd’s Briefbox/Boomcase ©™

December 15th, 2006 by Larry

Kevin Byrd asked me to help him create this Briefbox/Boomcase ©™.
Stay on it. We’ll be producing more original pieces like this by Fall ’07. We’ll update our blog as soon as they are available for purchase.
Until then, pick up this season’s Epidemik Coalition tees in the Epidemik Coalition Online Store.

20 Responses

  1. mason poe Says:

    dope! and kevin is looking really stylish.

  2. sped Says:

    so cool

  3. HANK Says:

    nice work

  4. technabob Says:

    awesome. let me know if you decide to produce these things, and i’ll definitely want one!

  5. Scott Says:


  6. Jaime Says:

    genial idea!

  7. jason Says:

    please give us a stencil!

  8. Naumi Says:

    sehr cool…
    hey das inspiriert…

  9. Nick Says:

    That’s awesome!

  10. Hadi Says:

    i like very much! it’sa goood!

  11. Marc Says:

    boombastic fantastic idea man, pump up the volume!

  12. Josh Says:

    Can I buy that from you? If so how much?

  13. frans Says:

    how about a typewriter instead of a radio, or is that a tape deck? :P
    so cute!

  14. Steffen Says:

    Gibt’s das Teil auch mit CD?

  15. Jay Says:

    Well I’m a bit surprised, I was expecting to see a picture of Kevin in his boxers or briefs!

  16. Nico Says:

    I think its totally wanky.

  17. Rob Says:

    I love it. Does it play tapes? If so, I’ll have 3.

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  19. Brett Says:

    I need this boombox briefcase!!! what do i have to do in order to get one? if not im making my own version

  20. The Fox Is Black » Briefbox/Boomcase Says:

    [...] This is such a good idea! Kevin Byrd and somebody from over at the Epidemik Coalition have come up with this rad boombox’ed briefcase. But… why would anyone actually buy one of these?! Just go out, buy an old janky briefcase, then make a stencil of a boombox, get some silver spray paint… voila! But credit should still go to these guys for coming up with the design, for sure. Excellent work guys! [...]

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