ATL Spot Review: MJQ Concourse

January 3rd, 2007 by Larry


We’re all over MJQ, and so is Kenny (the dude busting a move in the corner of this pic). If you’ve been to a show in Atlanta, you’ve probably seen Kenny. He’s eerily chillin’ at center stage.

We tend to hit up MJQ on Wednesday evenings around the midnight hour. MJQ is an underground club that is a converted parking garage. Upon entering a small shed that houses a tunnel that leads into the bowels of Ponce de Leon Avenue, you are overcome with the smell of alcohol, sweat, smoke, cheap cologne, weed, and hairspray. I know…it sounds so appealling.

Trust me, the DJs usually make up for the fact that you have to step over strung-out skinny dudes, who are always passed-out in the bathrooms. Setlists on Wednesdays are usually back-to-back hits ranging from Blur to the hottest crunk anthems…officially called “Brit Pop” but more appropriately deemed as Rock for ATLiens.

We’ve put together this walkthrough for EC army out-of-towners. Sped, when you get down here, we’ll be doing this all the time, so get ready.
See more of MJQ after the jump.

You need a crew to roll up to MJQ. The easiest people to recruit are people who look like they don’t have anything better to do.

Next step is stopping at the Local for a drink and recruiting more fools to walk next door to shake their money makers. This pic features yours truely rocking a top secret EC Angelica tee…get yours in February at Standard.

Once you get your crew down the tunnel…

…grab a round of drinks.

PBR is only 3 bucks after a tip.

If you don’t have any cash, there’s always a half working ATM. If it’s not working, you’re SOL and you’re watching Transformers for the rest of the night.

Now you gotta make your way to the dance floor…

…and bust a move in your EC gear…











…or walk around and spot EC propaganda.

EC & Urban Medium…tearin’ it up.

If you’re sick of the “Brit Pop” room, you can always chill out in the hip-hop room. It always smells a little sour in there…maybe its because it’s underground and people are always windin’ and grindin’ in there.

The door to the bathroom in the hip-hop room.

still life of the bathroom

self portrait

The lights come on at 3am, so call a cab and hit up Taco C.

9 Responses

  1. Larry Says:

    what up man? good to hear from yous.
    we went out to the first quarter party tonight. it was whatevs….i tried to hit up the spot with some EC stuff, but i doubt it’ll stay up. anyway, we need to do break some necks soon.

  2. alena Says:

    I think I wrote a story about Kenny in first quarter

  3. Larry Says:

    oh man, i wanna read it.

  4. ames Says:

    so, like, tomorrow night?

  5. spd Says:

    that looks like my kind of place. all i ever heard from kids in the dorm at Emo-ry was that it was “weird.” i didn’t realize at the time that by their standards, “weird” meant “cool” by mine.
    i wanted to do some CO spots, but my cheap-ass HP camera crapped out on me. a new one’s coming…
    hope life’s not too frustrating down in A-town. people all suck from time to time; most of us can’t make it through life without EVER fucking up. a lot of my favorite art is about fucking up and learning from it. that’s the key

    peace and CO love,
    and a pile of snow,

  6. Larry Says:

    write a feature on a colorado spot and send some pics along…we’ll put it up.

  7. jdub panda panda Says:

    so i know kenny also. my friend went to london with him! im amazed at how many places he seems to be at once…magical.

  8. ryan Says:

    since when has anyone ever passed out in the bathroom?

    it does suck waiting for yayheads to get out of the back bathroom just so you can go pee.

  9. Larry Says:

    dude, i’ve definitely had to step over strung-out skinny bitches.

    ryan, i got Adobe creative suite. just call me whenevers…

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