PROCESS in Progress

January 15th, 2007 by Larry

I’ve documented the creation of this new PROCESS tee for Spring/Summer. This design was first seen in our 1-inch button pack from last year and will be featured heavily in our Spring/Summer offerings for 2007 as hoodies and tees. As always, they will be available at Standard starting in February.

If you’re a non-ATLien, you can reserve your tees and sizes immediately by filling out the Purchase Form located on the left column of the site. We will then contact you about payment through Paypal. Remember to specify your size or your request will be IGNORED!

Note: All orders will not ship until mid-February.

See the making of PROCESS after the jump.

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

PROCESS on film

PROCESS on screen

the squeegee (sp?)

Georgios is stressed out, but he doesn’t hesitate to rock the new digs.

Close-up with a vintage texture

The finished product.

George, quit smoking bra…

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6 Responses

  1. George Says:

    You ask me to take a picture smoking a cigeratte but then you tell me to quit? You are starting sound like Hank.

  2. Laura Says:

    Hey guys-

    I love the new shirt! We’re packing up To a T and I still don’t have any firm news on the tour, but I have some confidential possibilities….so give me a call and I can fill you in.

    I’m going to have your gear from the window display up in the office, so you can come by to pick it up any time after tomorrow.

    I hope you all make it to the opening of the new Cartoon Network show on Feb. 1st!

    See ya soon-


  3. Roger Says:

    That shirt is hot, especially with a cigarette.

  4. ryan Says:

    you should start screenprinting cigarettes for george!

  5. Larry Says:

    He’d probably try to smoke ‘em too.

  6. spd Says:

    some kind of nontoxic printed smoking papers would be dope

    you could roll your own smokes, G

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