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April 11th, 2007 by Larry

About 12 days ago, Georgios and I were approached with the challenge and opportunity to finish the majority of our design school portfolios in order to bring them up to NYC for the Art Directors Club Student Portfolio Review. Although we spent many nights of the past few weeks scrambling to get things done, we were rewarded with overwhelming responses from many companies in the NY area.

Click the links below to see Georgios and yours truely at the event & afterwards:
Portfolio Review
In Brooklyn
Sing Sing

One of the highlights of this visit happened about an hour after I got to the city on Cinco de Mayo. I met up with a few friends of mine on the patio of a random mexican restaurant I’ve never been to before. I looked up and saw an EC Angelica Sticker above my head. It was nice to be welcomed back to the city by a familiar Angelica.

I spotted these jellys next to the G-Star store in SoHo. Awesome.

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  1. Amy Says:

    Man i missed out on sing sing… it looks like ya’ll had a blast. and im sure you guys rocked the AD portfolio review. Good job fellas!!!!!!!

  2. sped Says:

    nice work men…way to be!

    more pictures of Finck’s butt would be highly appreciated

  3. spd Says:

    was that disrespectful? probably. but dammit, dr finck has a great butt!

  4. Larry Says:

    perhaps it’s inappropriate, but i’m sure she’s happy to know that people like her buns.
    Spd, look out for some stickers I’m sending out to you today.

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