Making of “Angelica II” Tee

April 13th, 2007 by Larry

About 3 months ago, I got together with Jorge Menes with the intent of remixing EC’s Angelica tee. We quickly decided that Angelica needed to be redone as a photograph. This was a great idea because it was going to challenge us with finding a model, getting the shot we wanted, and the daunting task of silk-screening an image as close to photographic realism as possible. It took awhile to collect our efforts, but once we got started yesterday, we didn’t stop until it was done. Thanks to everyone who threw-down on this project.

A candid shot of Kinzie Hamer is pictured above, modeling for the Angelica II tee.

You can score yours at the Epidemik Coalition Online Store.

Check out how it all came together after the jump:

Jorge sets up lighting

Kinzie Hamer staying warm on set

Supply table holds make-up, Red Hots, Dr. Pepper & the wings by Jorge

Jorge doin’ his thing/Kinzie rockin’ it

The chosen shot

Final art on vellum (thanks to Jorge & Georgios for the PS advice)

Amy & Witt came by to figure out where we’re getting drinks tomorrow

Stencil with ink

Printing tees & reppin’ Armchair Media at the same time

Georgios’—Heat Setting Extraordinaire

Angelica II

Angelica II Close-Up

Get your Angelica II tee:
Epidemik Coalition Online Store

5 Responses

  1. George Says:

    The Tee looks awesome. Thanks to Kinzie for modeling for us and Jorge for shooting the awesome photos.

    It’s Hammer Time!!!!

    JK Kinz.

  2. Kinz Says:

    thanks georgios! it was loads of fun. too bad we didn’t have any Greek sushi or veggie trays though :)

  3. Larry Says:

    oh man. veggie trays rock! baby carrots and broccoli are my favs.

  4. George Says:

    Greeks don’t know the meaning of veggie. Eating lamb with a side of stuffed grape leaves and Feta is about as veggie as we get.

  5. Larry Says:

    don’t you guys put lettuce on gyros?

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