Experiment or Die™ Dunks

May 26th, 2007 by Larry

Introducing EC’s “Experiment or Die” Nike Dunk prototypes. Designed by Georgios [Yioryios] and myself, Larry [tentenlarry].

See these dunks and many others in person on June 6th at Octane Coffee Bar & Lounge at the ATL Kicks event. We’re unveiling tons of surprises that night. Don’t miss it hater.

See more pics after the jump.

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3 Responses

  1. sped Says:

    very tasty indeed

  2. mason Says:

    where can i get a pair?!

  3. LeGenDaRy StAtUrE Says:

    yo, you got some sick kicks that you came up with there man! i’m feeling your colors! its a real good blend. I work with Toyota, who is sponsoring a shoe design competition that I think you would definitely be good for. go and check out the competition site. http://www.yarisversusyaris.com And I urge others to enter as well, its open to the public as long as your 18 and over so do what you gotta do if you got a creative mind and a good design and submit it. 2 of the celeb judges for the competition are DJ Clark Kent and Kenzo of Nike so you best bring IT if you wanna win. Good luck to all that enter. Do you believe you could be the next best designer in the industry?

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