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August 16th, 2007 by Larry

Menes Productions is the tentative name for Jorge Menes’ company identity. His goal is to generate music industry related work by delivering powerful imagery with a personal touch that’ll make you look twice. See more of the creative process after the jump.

The logo EC produced for Menes Productions is bold and progressive. The logo can exist as a simple shape for die-cut business cards or tee shirts. For print and web, a 3D logo treatment can make the logo appear to come forward or recede when looking through 3D glasses.

We interviewed Jorge to find out what qualities he wanted in his logo. Boldness was a key attribute we needed to capture, so we began with iterations on the top left, played with ligatures, and eventually moved on to more iconic references. The lightning bolt universally stands for Rock and Roll, so we drew an uber-bold M with a severe slant, creating a lightning bolt with the M‘s negative space.

Obviously, the mark has to exist within Jorge’s back catalog of work, and has to live among his future works. To see a catalog of Jorge’s shots, peep his Flickr by clickinghere. Success? We think so…

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  1. Lacey Says:

    The guitar pick is hot!

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