MIXT Art Show @ MINT Gallery: The Aftermath

August 26th, 2007 by Georgios

The MIXT art show at MINT gallery contained fresh mixtape related art from many local artists. It was a very exciting night with many amazing art pieces that were also auctioned off. A raffle was held in which we donated a couple of Angelica Tees that went to two lucky winners. Special thanks to Andrew Bellury and the rest of the MINT crew for allowing us be a part of this great event.

Check out more photos after the jump.

Larry posing next to the Boomcase/Briefbox.

Me enjoying a refreshing PBR.

Lacey sporting the new “Experiment or Die™” tee.

Court takes in some of the photography.

A very cool piece by our friend Gudrun Stone.

A MIXT art piece by Mike Germon of THOUGHTMARKER. I know the image is a lil blurry (sorry, i’m a designer, not a photographer) but I thought it was a very cool piece so I had to put it up.

3 Responses

  1. Lacey Says:

    It was a fun night out. I loved the work by Gudrun Stone! Make sure to pick up your “Experiment or Die” shirts when they become available…

  2. Larry Says:

    Thanks to Yuri & Noah for coming out to show some support…sorry that we don’t have any pics of them to put up. And congrats to Mike Germon for winning the Boomcase in the auction.

  3. Quantuum7k Says:

    Greek Thunder’s new hair brought to you by Eddie Munster. Na, sorry I couldnt talk longer yesterday man- still not sure I completely understand this art show, but that’s just because I’m dumb. Looks excellent though, nice job- ..next mixtape is bringin all originals. BKzoo

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