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Rehab Photos by Menes Productions

August 19th, 2007 by Larry

Rehab brought the house down, enduring the intense heat of the Georgia Theatre on Saturday night in Athens. Standing in the back of the room under a fan, I was still sweating bullets. I can’t imagine what it was like on stage for the Rehab boys, or Jorge Menes who popped off some amazing shots of the band throughout the afternoon and evening.

See all the photos by Jorge Menes here or by clicking the picture above.

Thanks to Rehab and Demun Jones for giving us this opportunity to showcase our design work and for taking Jorge’s rock and roll career to the next level. Special thanks to Danny Boone for the mid-show shout out to “Big Larry Larr” before “Red Water”.

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Doin’ Work in Athens

August 18th, 2007 by Larry

Jorge Menes and I are going to Athens to shoot photos of Rehab for their biggest show of the summer. We’re hoping to use the images for their upcoming live album and future promotional items.

The picture above is a proof for the tour poster that Jorge and I worked up for them, but it got shot down by ReverbNation and Myspace for being “too graphic”. Click the picture above to see the dumbed down version of the tour poster that we worked out. The designing process always comes down to what the client wants, right?

Get your tickets for the show at Rehab’s page.

Upcoming news on projects with Coca-Cola and the EC Medusa 2 tee coming soon! Stay tuned…

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Menes Productions Logo

August 16th, 2007 by Larry

Menes Productions is the tentative name for Jorge Menes’ company identity. His goal is to generate music industry related work by delivering powerful imagery with a personal touch that’ll make you look twice. See more of the creative process after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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On Any Given Day…

August 13th, 2007 by Larry

you’ll run into tons of familiar faces at The Center for Design Study. Wade Thompson teaches a number of Portfolio Center classes over here, Rick and Brice have client meetings, and others are just rolling through to check out snap photos of the building. This past Saturday, Jorge Menes had his camera up here and we decided to take an impromptu picture of everyone in the house.

Pictured above (from left to right): Jorge Menes, Evan McHugh, Roy Keely, Georgios Saliaris, Megan Huntz, Wade Thompson, Joe Martinez, Ross Martin, Brice Beasley, Jared Dalcourt, Larry Luk, Lacey Murrah. For a larger view, click the picture above, or click here

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The Set Up

August 10th, 2007 by Larry

Yea, I have to stare at Georgios’ mug all damn day. More pics of the new space coming in the next few days. We’ve got Jorge Menes out here documenting the process of The Center for Design Study’s first few months in return for a logo…speaking of which, I’ll have Jorge’s logo comps to show early next week. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Moving In…

August 9th, 2007 by Larry

Here’s a teaser of EC moving into the new studio over at The Center for Design Study. Thanks to Brice Beasley for helping to document our moving day. The building is amazing and has tons of character. You can see more shots of The Center for Design Study by clicking the image above, or by clicking here.

Stay tuned…lots of new project features are on the way.

For the time being, check out my student portfolio at

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Farewell Studio!

August 7th, 2007 by Larry


Georgios and I have completed our portfolios and we have the opportunity to take EC to the next level. We’re moving EC operations to a new studio to help out Rick Anwyl (former owner of EAI) at the Center for Design Studies. This is going to be an amazing opportunity to learn more about branding, identity work, and to grow as designers under his wing. More updates coming real soon. Keep it locked…

We’re going to miss our old studio at Portfolio Center and we want to give big-ups to Hank Richardson, Tania Rochelle, Melissa Kuperminc, and the rest of the staff who’ve shown nothing but overwhelming support for the past 2 years.

Noah Levens
and Yuri Majic are taking over the old digs and we wish them the best as they work on their portfolios (and everyone else’s silk-screening projects).

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