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September 4th, 2007 by Larry

This new website, ATL Creatives is the jam. They’re showcasing tons of artists’ profiles and work from around the ATL area. I just submitted some images the other day and I’m already live on the network. You can participate too, so head over there and get hooked up!

The following is an interview I did with the guys who started the site:

Who started ATL Creatives?
Rick Hill, Matt Berger and Eric Shoemaker

What are you looking to achieve through your site?
The whole point of the site is to showcase ATL creatives. We hope creatives around the city will embrace our efforts. For us, the coolest part is that the site is owned and controlled by ATL Creatives and not some marketing attack firm trying to be hip. We really care about this city and its creatives. We like to say the site is created by ATL creatives for ATL creatives. We represent everything ATL and we’re looking for all types of creatives for the site. Please spread the word.

What’s the best part about being a creative in Atlanta?
The lifestyle. This city is cheap compared to NYC and SF. The sun is always blazing here. Also, and more importantly, the hope of helping this city become a creative player on a worldwide level.

Do you have any advice for students/recent grads looking to break into the industry?
Yes. Please get on our site and use it as a PR tool for yourself. Put yourself first. Always remember: There is no loyalty in this biz. You will work for someone that’s not as good as you. Be prepared to play politics. Don’t believe all the hype that your school shoves down your throat about awards. You will soon realize its more about who knows who on the judges panel. Also, be prepared to fight people that do fake work and enter it into shows. That’s right, fake work will always win. It’s all BS. Whatever you do, never use an award book or award shows to judge how good you are, most of the work is fake so why bother. You can thank CA, One Show, Archive and local shows for allowing this movement to keep old hacks in this biz. Change is coming.
Also, work hard and get experience wherever you can, inside and outside of work. You’d be surprised at how many creative shops hire based on life experiences. It’s not always a portfolio. It’s about having passion for everything you do.

Anything else you wanna say to Atlanta’s creatives?
-We’re always looking for shows we can get behind.
-We’re open to sponsor events if it’s right for our brand
-We’re open to helping the art community

Thanks for your time. –Matt, Rick and Eric

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