Making of “Medusa II” Tee: Part 6

December 7th, 2007 by Larry

Check out the final product shots here!

Medusa II has arrived! Get yours now in the Epidemik Coalition Online Store, at Standard, or at our studio.

We’re inviting friends and family in Atlanta to come to our studio tonight [12.7.07] between 6 — 10pm to check out Medusa II in person. For directions, email

Check out Medusa II production photos after the jump.

After consulting with Ed Jewell at Danger Press, we decided use a sublimation process to get our final graphic onto our tees. We sent our graphic out to Los Angeles where it was printed with a special ink that turns to gas when it reaches 400 degrees. These gas molecules grab onto shirt fibers, leading to amazing graphic representations.

The prints come on a roll so they have to be cut out individually. Crank it George!

Here’s the graphic printout & blank shirt on a heat press.

After 22 seconds in the heat press, the graphic transfer is done.

After printing stacks of these tees at Danger Press, it’s time to take everything back to our studio at The Center for Design Study to add more details.

We wanted to shout out to everyone that made this project possible. So we decided to burn a screen and print the thank you list on the inside collar of the tee.

Like so…

The next step involves preparing a scalding-hot dye bath; a process taught to us by Megan Huntz.

Hand dyeing tees creates inconsistencies that make each garment unique.

Soak ‘em.

Pull ‘em out.

George wrings the tees out…

and hangs them on a clothesline to air dry. He looks like a proud papa.

Product shot #1 by Jorge Menes

Product shot #2 by Jorge Menes

Product shot #3 by Jorge Menes

For larger Medusa II product shots, click here.

9 Responses

  1. Georgios Says:

    It’s a Jelly!!!

    Thanks to everyone that made it possible. Now get em while they’re hot. They make great stocking stuffers or alternatives to dreidels.

  2. Jared Says:

    Nice Work Fellas!

  3. Nicholas Skyles Says:

    This is one of my favorites so far, I may have to put in an order. I love seeing the process of the shirts, very interesting.

  4. Megan Says:

    wow wow wow!!!

    it came out so great and i loved seeing the process behind it. nice work guys.

    and thanks for thanking me-i love y’all!!!

  5. Kevon Says:

    cool beans. Shan wants a hoody she won’t stop buggin me. I think Dad said something bout you coming? I wasn’t sure since my phone is pretty soft in reception. Cool processing, later bro

  6. Tommy Says:

    EC or die!

  7. Courtney Says:

    This shirt is so beautiful!! ;)

  8. Hiroshima Nagasaki Says:

    Medusa III?

  9. Epidemik Coalition » Blog Archive » Zoom Kobe VI “Neighborhood Pack” Pushes The Limit with Graphics on Sneakers Says:

    [...] Paying homage to Los Angeles’ unique neighborhoods, The Zoom Kobe VI “Neighborhood Pack” represents and draws inspiration from Orange County, East LA, and Hollywood. They also use a special printing process known as dye sublimation to graphically enhance the visuals of the sneakers. Many of you familiar with garment design (especially tee shirt printing) have seen this process before. We’ve experimented with sublimation ourselves over here at EC. The process involves printing a graphic out on a special printer, then heating that print to over 400 degrees. At that point, the molecules come off the page and grab onto the fabric next to it. [...]

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