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The Death of EL BAR

February 29th, 2008 by Larry

photo credit: Megan Huntz

Atlanta’s best kept secret a.k.a. EL BAR will be closing tonight. EL BAR has been our favorite place to see some of the ATL’s best DJs melt wax. ATLiens, do yourself a favor and come out tonight (Feb. 29) for a special set by the legend, Rob Wonder.

It ain’t the A without the EL…

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Demuns by Epidemik Coalition

February 25th, 2008 by Larry

We’re teaming up with Georgia-born rock star Demun Jones to release a new line of tees and lifestyle products called Demuns by Epidemik Coalition. This collaboration was born over numerous hours of attending Demun’s shows and meeting over sushi dinners between recording sessions. Look out for our first release in the next few weeks at Demun Jones concerts and in our respective online stores.

We’re the design team, and Demun’s life experiences are our inspiration. Visit the Demuns by Epidemik Coalition teaser site at & get your mother ready…

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Viva Studio Spring Tour at EC

February 20th, 2008 by Georgios


This Monday, a group of students from Georgia Tech called Viva Studio, visited our studio at The Center for Design Study. Viva is an open group of friends who believe in the awesomeness of studio culture. They feel that, as compared to other academic models, studio allows for the creation of uncommon relationships and bodies of work. Viva exists, at its core, to celebrate that and connect people who feel the same way.

We collaborated together on a T-shirt design for the studio tour and got everyone to bring some blanks. We screen printed, drank some beer, ate some pretzels and screen printed some more. We even let them experiment with some of our other screens, luckily no one died. Thanks to Ted Ullrich and Josh Tuminella for hooking us up with the photos. If you want to see more photos from this Monday’s tour or of their past tours, click here.

More photos from Viva Studio @ EC after the jump.
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Vegas Part 2

February 13th, 2008 by Larry

We met Dallas Austin at the Project trade show today. Funny thing is, his studio is down the street from ours in the ATL, and it took all this time for us to finally run into each other in Las Vegas. He was repping his own line, Rowdy. Thanks to Mike Mora with Rowdy for hooking us up with a sweet Rowdy Lightning Bolt tee.

We also saw Lauren and Whitney from the Hills, but they looked really busy working on their respective lines, so we weren’t able to ask for a photo op. I guess I need to brush up on my paparazzi style photo skills(for the sake of the blog), or not.

Anyway, we learned tons about the industry today and we’re realizing there’s a lot of work to do. I’m eager to get back the Dirty South to get started. But for now, there’s nothing else to do but party Vegas style!

More photos from today after the jump.
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Vegas Part 1

February 13th, 2008 by Larry

We spent our first night wondering the strip and we ended up at the Beatles themed Revolution Lounge with our buddy and Portfolio Center alum, Boris Kostov. We didn’t bring our cameras out because we didn’t think we’d have anything interesting to document but we were wrong. Vegas never sleeps! People are crazy here! I managed to snap a camera phone photo of Boris in front of the interactive wall display at Revolution Lounge. There were photographers roaming the lounge and we’re pretty sure our mugs are going to be on the internet somewhere else. I’ll find photos soon I’m sure. We did meet some apparel industry folks out-and-about last night and we’ll be catching up with them later today. Photos from Project and Magic coming soon.

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Big Things Poppin’

February 12th, 2008 by Larry

We’re leaving our home at The Center for Design Study for the week. We’ll be traveling to Las Vegas for the Magic and Project trade shows. While we won’t be selling anything just yet, these trade shows will be good for us to learn new things about apparel manufacturing and meet new people in the industry.

We’ll post some photos and recounts of day-by-day action. We’ll also be sending stuff to D. Hall at Standard for their blog as well. Holler if you know of some trouble we should get into…

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Featured Portfolio: Jordan Gunter

February 5th, 2008 by Larry

If you hang out on Ponce de Leon Avenue in Atlanta after dark, you’ve probably run into Jordan Gunter more than once. With a penchant for speed metal, vodka diets, and eating veggies his familiar face can be found at the Local, Righteous Room, and the Majestic when he’s not at a show. Having just graduated from Portfolio Center, his hard/soft lifestyle reflects itself in his body of work. His environmentally friendly style combines it self with the crusty aesthetic of a punker. Send kudos or hate mail to Jordan at

See the rest of Jordan’s portfolio after the jump.
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