Project Fourt @ Coke HQ: Part 9

March 18th, 2008 by Georgios

photo credit: Georgios Saliaris

We went back up to Coca-Cola HQ this past week and installed a few more things that we didn’t get to finish on the last round. We had a fun time experimenting with spray paint and inks. We have a few more things to install and a whole conference room to design. So keep a lookout for future Project Fourt news.

Check out more photos after the jump.

Larry experimenting with some spray paint. He thinks he’s Banksy.

Throwing on the finishing touches.

End result.

The Project Fourt Rabbit in the Wonderland room.

Follow the Rabbit.

Some famous violinist drew these and we provided the custom frames. I like the second one from the left for some reason.

4 Responses

  1. Larry Says:

    Banksy ain’t got nuthin’ on me…

  2. Kevin M. Scarbrough Says:

    That rabbit is HOT.

  3. Boobs Says:

    2nd from left is BOOBS!

  4. Boris Says:

    hey guys that is some cool stuff. It reminded me of some posters for a urban t-shirt company. here ia a link of flicker images. May have seen this on speak up.

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