June 28th, 2008 by Georgios

from left to right: Steven, Darrius, Clavis, Pierre, Jeremy, Me, Lamont and Matt

I had the honor to be part of a program called PUSH. Began by Vince Hungate of Essential2Life, PUSH is structured to instill marketable skills in youth from low-income areas. These skills will enable these youth to pursue careers in fields that they would not have been exposed to due to the lack of opportunities present. Because of the unsuccessful education reform program, No Child Left Behind, the art classes are usually the first to get cut. Push allows teenagers from all around the Atlanta area to pursue different creative outlets and at the same time receive school credit.

This was the third Photoshop class that we’ve had so far and I have to say that these kids have gone beyond what I expected. They have done some amazing stuff for only have been working with the program for three days and yes their designs even have a concept. We have been working on individual posters that will be printed in limited edition and sold to raise money for the program.

If interested in helping with future classes, email me at

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  1. Larry Says:

    hell yea. the only way to help the A come up is to give back. big ups to you georgios. i wanna come help out the next class you teach. this makes it all worthwhile. i challenge any creative director at any Atlanta design company to volunteer their time for a couple hours. this needs to happen all the time on a much larger scale.

  2. alterna180 Says:

    ooh! so great to see you doing this! i follow e2L closely and have thought about doing some ‘teaching’ work for vince in the PUSH lab too! big props, georgios.

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