The Americola

July 19th, 2008 by Larry

[photos by Ted Ullrich]

Here in Hotlanta, we’re always trying to find new ways to stay cool during the summer. When we want our caffeine fix, we don’t drink iced coffees or americanos because they’re boring. Ted Ullrich (always thinking of fresh ideas) invented the Americola so that we could stay cool, buzzed, and uniquely Atlanta. The first step to enjoying an Americola is befriending your local barista. Our baristas of choice hold it down at Octane. These kids are ATL’s coffee experts. Seriously, they go to all kinds of espresso-making competitions and win with their eyes closed. If your local barista is down, then ask him/her to follow this recipe exactly as follows:

1) fill a pint glass halfway with ice
2) brew espresso directly into glass
3) add Coca-Cola (directly from fountain) until the mixture slightly overflows

Thanks to Matt Crumpton for letting us harass him while downing his Americola.

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