We The People Graphic

July 27th, 2008 by Larry

This graphic will be worn on the jerseys of United States Olympic teams at the Beijing Olympics next month. It reminds me a lot of the cut-paper-posters we had to design during our first few months at Portfolio Center (current and former students know where I’m coming from). The “Nike We the People Graphic” draws inspiration from a number of cultural elements and design influences to create a bold aesthetic specific to the USA. When creating the graphic, Nike designers were drawn to tattoos as the first point of inspiration, specifically looking at how the graphic design could align directly to the athlete’s body. The multi-faceted graphic tells the story of many cultures coming together under the common theme of victory. Just like a tattoo on the body, the pattern of the graphic is darker than the base color surrounding it.

Specific elements of the design include:
- The Statue of Liberty, represented by the torch
- Stars and stripes representing the 50 American states
- The date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence
- Decorative elements from our nations’ currency
- The olive branch and arrows from the talons of the American eagle in the Presidential seal
- Celtic, African and Native American symbols and influences
- A bleeding heart representing Hispanic culture

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