PROCESS x EL BAR Photobooth

August 15th, 2008 by Larry

Photos by Ross Martin

Ross set up and manned the “photobooth” in the VIP Room at El Bar last night. Check out all the action after the jump.

photobooth_1.jpg photobooth_2.jpg

photobooth_3.jpg photobooth_4.jpg

photobooth_5.jpg photobooth_6.jpg

photobooth_7.jpg photobooth_8.jpg

photobooth_9.jpg photobooth_10.jpg

photobooth_11.jpg photobooth_12.jpg

photobooth_13.jpg photobooth_14.jpg

photobooth_15.jpg photobooth_16.jpg

photobooth_17.jpg photobooth_18.jpg

photobooth_19.jpg photobooth_20.jpg

photobooth_21.jpg photobooth_22.jpg

photobooth_23.jpg photobooth_24.jpg

photobooth_25.jpg photobooth_26.jpg

photobooth_27.jpg photobooth_28.jpg

photobooth_29.jpg photobooth_30.jpg

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