M83 – Kim & Jessie (Montag Remix)

August 25th, 2008 by Larry

Saturdays = Youth has been one of my favorite albums this year, yet I’ve really been longing to hear a crunk remix of this particular song… but no one will take my idea seriously! The Montag Remix of Kim & Jessie by M83 is probably the best remix we’re going to get for now. It’s actually very headphone-friendly but don’t expect it to be your soundtrack to trashing the ladies bathroom at El Bar.

Can we take a minute to discuss the art direction on this entire campaign? Not only is the photography great but it totally fits in perfectly with the music. I can’t remember the last time I felt so strongly towards the similarities between album art and music. And the typography (titling) makes me happy because they worked with one of my favorite font families, Hoefler Text. Mad respect…

Download: M83 – Kim & Jessie (Montag Remix)

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