AC/DC – Rock N Roll Train

September 7th, 2008 by Larry

This one crept in under the radar for me. I heard the other day that AC/DC has recorded their first album in eight years and it’s coming out this October. The album title is Black Ice and the first single is Rock N Roll Train. I love the gang vocals on the chorus and the guitar riff. I wish Angus’ solo was a little longer, but otherwise it is a straightforward rocker which is exactly what you’d expect from the arena rockers. Expect to see this track all over Monday Night Football all season long.

Download: AC/DC – Rock N Roll Train

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  1. Jon Blues Says:

    Can’t wait to see AC/DC perform “Black Ice” album. When they tour Canada’s East Coast, I hope they get DOn Coleman to open for them. His song “Women, Whiskey & Rock’n'Roll” (celebrating the life and spirit of Bon Scott) has been on their website for a few months now. It truly rocks !!! Would definitely be a TNT concert.

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