Friends from Agenda: Dylan from Edmond

September 7th, 2008 by Larry

I wanted to show everyone some of the cool people we met at Agenda this past week. First off is Dylan from Edmond. His line is really fun. Just the logo itself makes me feel like a kid again. Edmond is a collaborative effort put forth by Dylan and his buddy Tom DeLonge (Angels & Airwaves/Blink 182) where their main intent is to do something fun to give back to a lifestyle that brought them together years ago, skateboarding. Dylan also has the credit of being the original designer behind the brand Atticus. You probably have one of his old pieces in your closet! There are so many little details that I love about the Edmond line, especially the collectible and colorful vinyl dinosaur puzzle pieces that come in the hangtags of each garment. Head over to to see what I’m talking about. I’ll introduce more of our new friends throughout this next week. So check back later!

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