Icons Redesigned [Part 2]

September 22nd, 2008 by Larry

Today, I want to highlight a very unique article of clothing. This is the AW 77 track hoody that’s been redesigned for the Nike Sportswear line. 1977 was the year the hoody was created, and it gets it’s namesake from Athletics West, Nike’s elite track and field club of a bygone era. This garment has been worn by legendary runners such as Pre Fontaine and Alberto Salazar.

The redesigned/modern-day version of this hoody is a collaboration between Nike and Loopwheeler of Japan, who are known for making the best fleece in the world. They’re one of the only manufacturers in the world that still makes cotton fabric on loopwheel machines. I heard they only make enough fabric to make eight of these hoodies a day. Talk about Limited Edition!

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Nike and Loopwheeler of Japan have also worked together to create the Nike Loopwheeler Blazer which is even more limited than the AW77. This sneaker has been made out of the same cotton fleece, premium materials, and bear special Loopwheeler tags. They’re definitely neck-breakers.




Finally, here’s the NSW tee that is now made in a fashion fit, upgraded to 100% cotton, and printed with soft-hand inks. You can’t be working out in your EC or PROCESS tees, so you need one of these in your gym bag.

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