Icons Redesigned [Part 3]

September 30th, 2008 by Larry

First off, I want you to check out this amazing stop-motion video of the Nike Cortez playfully tumbling through the decades. The video shows the Cortez (designed by Bill Bowerman in 1967) evolving in front of our eyes! As you can see there have been hundreds of colorways and materials used throughout the years, but this sneaker’s construction has stayed remarkably the same until now. The current Cortez looks the same as before but it has been designed with comfort in mind. The minor adjustments are simple molding at the ankle and improved cushioning in the footbed.

Secondly, here’s a garment that everyone is familiar with…

Throughout the years, the track jacket has been an article of clothing adorned by athletes and adopted by hipsters all over. Well, did you know that the Eugene Track Jacket is the most original and well designed track jacket out there? The Eugene that’s currently available in the NSW collection has been enhanced with details such as soft heather fleece cotton on the inside, double-knit rib trim, and heavy-duty ergonomic zipper.

The Icons of Nike featuring the Eugene Track Jacket [center]

Designers usually look to the past to recreate and remix things for the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if The Cortez and Eugene Track Jacket continuing to influence sportswear design for years to come. Roots!

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