The Nightwatchman – Saint Isabelle

September 30th, 2008 by Larry

Last fall, Jorge and I went to see Tom Morello’s solo project, known as The Nightwatchman, expecting to see face-melting guitar solos as most would expect of Rage Against the Machine‘s former axe-murderer. We were caught off guard when he came on stage with an acoustic guitar, did a shot of Jamison, and proceeded to play folk songs.

As you’d expect from Tom Morello, his themes and motivations involve political activism and modern protest. I’m totally cool with that, but sometimes his lyrics are a little over-the-top, similar to those of Rage, but for me the angst-fueled delivery of Zack De La Rocha was more genuine. Morello’s solo project has Dylan, Cash, and Billy Bragg influences and is a perfect soundtrack to a night at the Local or playing Wizard Staff but I wouldn’t take it too seriously. Tom’s already doing that.

Download: The Nightwatchman – Saint Isabelle

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