Voter Registration Night at El Bar [Photos]

October 3rd, 2008 by Larry

It was great to see people enthusiastically registering to vote! People came out to discuss the Vice Presidential Debate and dance the night away. Here’s the unofficial “song of the night” as deemed by DJ Cristo Disco:

Download: Young Jeezy – My President (feat. Nas)

Check out pictures from the event taken by Georgios, Decatur Dan, Ted, Rosa, and myself after the jump.

Rosa displays the PROCESS sign.

El Bar: Creative Loafing’s Best Dance Club 2008

Georgios received an email from Joe Biden shortly after the VP debate ended.

Hand-made sign by Colleen Burley

Decatur Dan [Standard] came out to make sure his voice will be heard in November.

Mike Germon [ThoughtMarker] re-registered.

The ladies came to dance, and that’s exactly what they did. All. Night. Long.

Sumner DeMoura… nice cap!

If you register…

you’ll get a a kiss!

Cristo Disco

Ted Ullrich learning about the Rob Wonder Radio

Ray, Amy, Ben, & Jessica

Colleen’s teefs

Reppin’ ATL

It got hot in there

Jessica & Amy

Colleen on the mike, “Vote Bitches…”

Intently filling out forms

Georgios doing what Georgios does best

Slugger & Cory

Ross, Slugger & Cory

YelaWulf and crew chop it up.

Colleen tries on her PROCESS bandana

Chief Nockahoma on my head

Seriously, these people danced all night.

Colleen & Rosa: Best in town.

That should be a Hawks tee.

Slugger / High Lifes…

Colleen’s thoughts on the debate were not good.

Amy and Georgios

So happy to have registered!

Anastasia & Sharon = Regularz

Colleen / Larry

Georgios is sooo Obama. He’s a proud dude.

Germaine Bly was buggin’

Colleen loves hamming it up for the camera.

For reals.

Rough draft of a logo I’m working on for Cristo. I guess he likes where it’s at.

El Bar at 3:30am

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3 Responses

  1. Rob Wonder Says:

    Process aint no joke…Thanks for doing something positive in the community…I see big things in your future…”Process” gets El-Bar, and Rob Wonder’s vote….

  2. BrandX Says:

    great job, guys!

  3. BrandX Says:

    Good job guys!

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