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October 6th, 2008 by Ted


This photo was taken in the voting office at 141 Pryor Street in downtown Atlanta this afternoon, as I waited to cast my first-ever vote for an elected official in the United States. It couldn’t have been more satisfying. Well, actually, I was expecting to use a stylus and punch paper ‘chads’ out of a voting card, but these days its all done through fancy touchscreen terminals. Despite ‘tapping’ in my vote, the buzz in the room was inspiring. It’s clear, people want change.

In any case, Georgios was able to drop off all the forms of voters who registered at our EL BAR Registration Night event last week. Those folks will be set to vote on the November 4th national election day. Viva la vote!

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2 Responses

  1. BrandX Says:

    Awesome. Change is coming!

  2. SPD Says:

    good job guys!!!! new voters are KEY in this election…

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