Set It Off: Rebecca Serna

October 14th, 2008 by Larry

photo by Ted Ullrich

Rebecca Serna



Where are you from?
Born in Lexington Kentucky but have lived here since I was a year old (or, what passes for native in Atlanta)

Who do you work for?
The Atlanta Bicycle Campaign

What are your Current Project(s)?
A Bike Valet parking service available for Atlanta’s many festivals and other great events; Bike Buddies on request (learn to ride more confidently with help from our experienced mentors); Confident City Cycling classes that teach people to ride safely, legally, and assertively on Atlanta streets and trails.

Who would you love to work with?
Everyone in Atlanta from the grassroots to elected officials to make our city a happier, healthier, wealthier place to live…through the bicycle!

If you had to give all your bikes away to charity except for one, which one would you keep?
My Miyata 100 LT – it’s an older Japanese touring bike with biopace rings intact and I love it!  I’m going to spend my maternity leave fixing it up.  

What’s on your iPod right now?
My ipod broke about a year ago, which is good because I’m not tempted to listen to it while I’m riding. But right now I’m listening to the Gnarls Barkley and HEM. 

What’s your Favorite ATL food?
The vegan Caribbean place downstairs from our offices, Calabash.  Vegan BBQ and mac’n'cheez, yum!

What’s your Favorite ATL hangout?
Tilt Coffee Shop in Castleberry and the Cascade Springs nature preserve. I also spend an inordinate amount of time at the Goodwill in the West End.

What are your Pet Peeves?
Hmm…the term “pet peeves” really bugs me. 

Shout outs?
All the energy at the college level for better biking – students starting bike sharing at Georgia Tech, organizing a bicycle advocacy club at Georgia State, and Bike Emory getting people out of their cars and bicycling around campus. I’m inspired to think the next generation of Atlanta graduations won’t get stuck in pattern of thinking they have to buy cars to live happily and well in the city after they graduate

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  1. rachael Says:

    Rebecca’s going to spend her maternity leave working on her bike that has Biopace chain rings. That’s fantastic!

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