PROCESS x ThoughtMarker Event Photos

October 17th, 2008 by Larry

If you came through El Bar tonight for the PROCESS x ThoughtMarker event, you probably talked to Cory and Slugger about the Atlanta Falcons and their Dirty Bird mentality at the front door. If you were able to score yourself one of our Limited ATL tees, consider yourself lucky! Lots of photos after the jump.

The drinks were flowing all night.

These ladies were lovin’ on the ole Canon Rebel

Cristo Disco killed it!

Serato software?

This is what it looks like behind the DJ booth. Exciting stuff huh?

Cristo was rockin’ his Nike Dunk High Nylons. They’ve been floating around ATL for a few months, but the official release is this Saturday! Pick ‘em up at Standard

Ted, Margot (came down from Chicago!), Melissa

Sumner, take that drink back inside!


Dance floor

These dudes came early and took care of business.

Larry & Rachael Spiewak from Sopo Bikes. Possible collaboration next month!

Ross, Zach, & Sumner

Dance Floor

Joe & Jessica

Great turnout!

Aaron Byrd emerged from video game land!

Josh & Melissa

Hey ladies!


Air Max 90 Currents! (Infrared & Kaws). Kaws pair is dropping Saturday at 21 Mercer in NYC.

Josh, Zach, & Melissa

Process Truckers!

Process Truckers!

Process Truckers!

ATL tees!

ATL + Denver?

Ross chopping it up with Emily

Ross: “I gotta wooooork in da moorningg’”

Slugger & Ross

The scene

Estate LA in the building!

Zach & Dax (what’s on your head Zach?)


Pose for the camera

Amy & Melissa

“Is that a Chief Nokahoma cap?”

Dunks in the building

Margot & Larry


I said dance!

Georgios & Lacey

She wanted some of the Canon Rebel action

Ted & Reena

Arash & Nene

Rosa & Colleen

A’s up!

Anasatsia just got a new tat! You see it?

Cristo Disco

Counting her H.E.M.S.

Cory & Slugger, the night’s over!

Georgios guarding the liquor stash.


Clean-up crew

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  1. Mr Ryan Says:

    SWOL CREW!!!!!!

  2. CORY Says:

    gotta rep that process

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