Kanye West – Heartless & Coldest Winter

October 21st, 2008 by Larry

Here are two more tracks that will be on Kanye’s new album, 808′s & Heartbreak, that is strategically coming out during the week of Thanksgiving 2008. The album’s release date has been moved-up from the previously announced December 16th date. Kanye has been quoted saying, “I want y’all to hear it as soon as possible”. He’s making it sound like he’s doing us a favor by pushing the album up, but he’s clearly trying to capitalize on psychotic Black Friday shoppers to increase his first week of sales.

Gone are the days of shutter shades. As you could’ve probably guessed, Kanye is still loving the auto-tuner as he continues to sing his way into a brand new genre of music: mainstr-emo-hop. Life can be sad when you’re a camera-smashing, sneaker-hyping, scarf-obsessed, robot from the future! No one understands you. Not even your legions of groupie-bots! Watch out Kanye, if you continue to encourage your fans to do more self-reflecting, they’ll start questioning their motivations to buy everything you put out.

Download: Kanye West – Heartless
Download: Kanye West – Coldest Winter

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