Photo Friday: Alec Soth

October 23rd, 2008 by Ross


So this week were gonna come back to Alec Soth. To give a bit of basic background, Soth is a photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is a member of the highly acclaimed Magnum Photos agency. His work ranges from landscapes to portraits but the best part is there is a coherent look to everything that he does. Most everything he shoots is done with an  8 x 10 view camera and done using mostly natural light.

To me Soth is one of the most interesting photographers that is working right now. His approach to photography is certainly not a conventional one, especially with how popular and easily accessible digital photography has become, but because he uses such a unique approach his work stands out. The really awesome thing about Soth, and one of the things that makes me motivated, is that he actually has something to say. His blog just started back up after a brief hiatus and so far he has had some interesting things to say.

Check out more of Alec Soth’s work and a video after the jump.









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