Atlanta’s New Nike Store Preview

October 29th, 2008 by Larry

You get this card after your Nike iD session. See my creation after the jump.

I just got home from a tour at the new Nike Store at Lenox here in Atlanta that opens tomorrow [10.30.08]. I think that most ATLiens that love hands-on design are going to respond positively to the NikeiD and T Bar offerings that make this store very worthwhile. See everything after the jump.

Upon entering the store, you’ll see the backside of this wooden wall, which pays homage to Nike’s Oregon roots.

You can see portions of this curved wall from behind the “holed” wall from the outside. The store’s overall concept is motion. So they designed the whole thing without right angles.

This wall showcases current and nostalgic imagery of all sorts that will be regularly updated as campaigns change.

The use of 3 different data projectors help navigate these curves.

Another design element here is that all the racks are made to look like hurdles. And yes, this store will carry some Jordan products.

Here’s a overview of Nike+ products and other running gear.

Tee shirts bearing vintage Nike graphics.

How cool is this? You can get a Nike Sportswear tee imprinted with any of a number of Nike graphics and logos. All done instantly on location. Or you can just pick up a blank NSW tee for casual wear. Their fit is amazing.

First thing you do is chose your tee color and size from the T Bar.

Pick a graphic…

and they make it for you while you wait!

Naturally, if you’re going to open a store in Georgia, you shout out to the Bulldogs.

The hallway to the dressing rooms also pays homage to UGA.

Dressing rooms are designed to look like sports scenes…

or sketches of your favorite sneakers.

Atlanta, welcome to Nike iD!

Here’s a close-up of some of the possibilities.

Everyone’s favorite ATL designer, Mychael Knight showed me his pair of Nike iD Dunk Highs. You can go crazy like Mr. Knight, or…

you can rock a classic look like these “old-school Celtics” inspired Dunk Highs. The pair I made were also along these lines. Keep scrolling to see them.

Here’s a glimpse of the Nike Sportswear section of the store which is very reminiscent of 21 Mercer.

More NSW gear.

A pair of Hyperdunks in a Lakers colorway.

Athlete Central is a resource that can answer any questions you might have about Nike.

You can even apply for a job at Athlete Central.

Gamechangers is the new community grant program that empowers youth to develop ideas that make the world a better place through sport. Youth will submit their ideas to use sport as a tool for social change and become the Gamechangers. Consumer ideas will also be placed in a drawing for the chance to win $1000 in sports equipment to support their school.

And finally…here’s my creation…clean and simple. I think I had Texas Rangers baseball on the mind after my trip to Texas this past weekend. These will match my throwback Rangers cap that I just picked up.

9 Responses

  1. Ted Says:

    the nike brand seems to be getting stronger and stronger, if that’s even possible.

  2. Larry Says:

    You’re totally right Ted. I think a lot of it is their willingness to evolve with the demands of their athletes and fans. Also, their commitment to top-notch design plays a big part of why they stay at the forefront of both athletic gear innovation and sweet ad campaigns.

  3. Mr. Ryan Says:

    this is gonna be good!!!

  4. casey Says:


  5. Atlanta Gets New Nike Store Tomorrow!!! Señor Kaos Gets A Sneak Peek | The Kaos Effect Says:

    [...] Speaking of Atlanta Gamechangers. I caught up with Epidemik Coalition’s own Larry Luk. [...]

  6. Señor Kaos Says:

    Word Up!!! The store is crazy!

    Good to see you the other day. That picture of us is on my Blog

  7. Lacey Says:

    I saw the post and had to stop by and check it out. I love the feel of the new store — cutting-edge and personal. Everyone should go check it out and say hi to my girl Trudy!

  8. C Says:

    Looks hot! I can’t wait to go try out the ID.

  9. Atlanta Gets New Nike Store!!! Senor Kaos Gets A Sneak Peek | The Kaos Effect Says:

    [...] Speaking of Atlanta Gamechangers. I caught up with Epidemik Coalition’s own Larry Luk. [...]

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