Atlanta Historic Places

November 2nd, 2008 by Ted


I’m always impressed by the feel of authentic places. I think it is something that drives a lot of people’s lives; the hunt of authenticity. Atlanta is lucky to have a few places left to itself that are completely unique and honest to its rich history. One such place is located in Castleberry Hill, a part of town just across a foot bridge from the EC studio.

The space shown above is an empty outdoor carcass between two buildings, located on Nelson street. I pass by it on my way for morning coffee at Tilt. The rear façade of the structure still remains. I’ll be keeping an eye on this space for any uses of it, and would recommend it to anyone looking to host an outdoor art or music show.

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  1. Larry Says:

    I saw a place like this in downtown Austin last weekend. There was actually a band down in there playing Judas Priest and Journey covers. Pretty fun.

  2. Jenny Says:

    This empty lot is fantastic. I’m an architecture major and my class used this lot to design a restaurant for the castleberry district a few months ago. It has such great potential.

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