Zooz Mobile

November 10th, 2008 by Georgios


Zooz Mobile is one of the latest identity projects that we just completed. Zooz develops apps for iPhones and other cellular phones. If you have an iPhone, check em out. They have 2 apps available, ZoozBeat and ZoozControl. ZooZBeat is a gesture-based mobile musical studio, simple enough for non-musicians to immediately become musically expressive but rich enough for experienced musicians to push the envelope of mobile music creation. ZoozControl turns your iPhone and iPod touch into a game controller that senses your movements and uses the touch screen as buttons. Makes me wish I had an iPhone.

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  1. Keith Oh Says:

    Great job guys. I just saw the zoozmobile team at the georgia tech last week. Everybody should download the ZOOZbeat. It’s a fantastic iphone app. Are you guys friend with the ZOOZmobile guys?

  2. Ted Says:

    @Keith: yes, we know the creators of ZooZ mobile pretty well now. Checkout this website (which we also designed and developed) to find and/or contact the team: http://gtcmt.gatech.edu

  3. Epidemik Coalition / Experiment or Die™ » Blog Archive » GTCMT Launches Says:

    [...] The Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology is comprised of over 30 faculty and student members who are reinventing the way we compose, perform, and listen to music. You may recognize one of the projects emerging from this center is ZooZ Mobile. [...]

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