Photo Friday: I Know Where The Summer Goes

November 13th, 2008 by Ross

Blue Falling

So the weather is getting colder out and its past the time of summer road trips across the country. I remember the time I took a road trip across the country. 10 days on the road with two of my friends in a car that was too small, smoking way too many cigarettes, and eating possibly the worst food that I could eat and having the time of my life. My road trip was something that I will never forget. What I could never imagine doing though is taking a road trip across the country and being naked while I do it.

That leads me to this weeks photo friday topic. Ryan McGinley, one of the most popular photographers out there right now, started a project some years ago where he takes 16 models and three assistants on a road trip across the country. The catch being that the models, and even the assistants and the photographer, are naked during the entire trip. This combined with the open road and youthful endeavors encountered on the road makes for some amazing images. McGinley is one of my favorites that is out there right now. His simplistic approach to the unique situations he puts himself in makes for very beautiful and natural images. These images have gotten him a lot of notoriety in the past couple of years. Becoming the youngest artist to have a solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art at the age of 24 and then being able to shoot Kate Moss for W Magazine and all the nominees for the Oscars in last years New York Times the Magazine he has been a busy man lately.

Ann (Sand)

Ann (Windy Truck)

Dakota’s Crack-Up

Diving Water

Fading Falling

Falling (Cornfield)

Hysteric Fireworks


Running Sunset

Smoke and Silhouette

Untitled (Yellow Bikes)

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2 Responses

  1. Ted Says:

    wow @ Hysteric Fireworks.
    did he shoot the sigur ros cover?

  2. Ross Says:

    yeah they took an image from this body of work for their newest album cover.

    good catch ted!

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