Crystal Gravy – Greasy. Chicago. Funk.

November 21st, 2008 by Larry

One of my high school buddies, Logan, has been living in Chicago and playing drums in a funk band called Crystal Gravy for the past few years. Recently, we got together for a beer and identified the need for his band to utilize the merch table to generate funds. I quickly explained to him the power of branding and that his band needed an identity.

We decided the band’s logo needed to be fun and it needed to have the potential to sell a helluva-lot-of tee shirts. I’ve been jamming on logos for “Chicago’s Greasiest Funk Band” during my free time, bouncing ideas off Logan, and the above image is one of our favorite iterations so far. Crystal Gravy’s fans will be able to purchase stickers, tees, and albums with a tightened-up version of this mark very soon.

As a result of our recent design conversations, Logan mentioned that track #3 on their new album is going to be called Brown Gravy, Blue Diamond. Awesome.

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  1. Jay Says:

    Looks good — they need it!

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