Mr. Oizo – Steroids [feat Uffie]

November 24th, 2008 by Larry

Who wants to see a picture of Mr. Oizo instead of Uffie? No one..

I love Uffie for her bad attitude, bad fashion sense, and the way she spits like a dude. Mr. Oizo is the man behind Uffie’s single, “Ready to Uff” from a couple years back which you may have heard if you’ve ever come by our studio. The two have collaborated again on Oizo’s new album, Lamb’s Anger. I wasn’t sure what to think the first time I heard this track, but it’s really growing on me, as do all of Uffie’s songs.

Download: Mr. Oizo – Steroids [feat Uffie]

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3 Responses

  1. Ross Says:

    “Also, big ups to my boy Ross for keeping me updated on what the cool kids are listening to these days!”

    Hey no problem dude!

  2. Larry Says:

    ross is so cool he should have his own night at mjqs

  3. Amelia Says:

    “… but it’s really growing on me, as do all of Uffie’s songs. ”

    I think we all go through this with her… eventually I think its best to just give in and realize that you love anything she does whether your brain tells you to or not.

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