Photo Friday: Christmas Card Edition

December 26th, 2008 by Ross

This is the first picture we ever took for our Christmas cards.

So this week I am bring a little something special to the table, kind of like a little Christmas present for all the people reading out there. Now that the holiday season is upon us I am reminded of a little tradition that we have in my family. Every year, for the past few years, my parents and I get together for a family photo which is then turned into a Christmas card and sent out to all of our family and friends. The scenario is usually the same. We get together in front of the house and pose with the dogs for a few pictures (usually 10 max) at which point we pick the best one. Looking back at these pictures always crack me up and now I share them with you.








This was the last one that we did in front of the house. The past few after this one have come from the few times that I see my parents during the year.



Our most recent Christmas picture.

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  1. Mick Says:


  2. Joe M. Says:

    this is the best thing I’ve ever seen. 3 & 8 (from the top) are by far my favorites. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Rossome

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