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Photo Friday: Atiba Jefferson

December 19th, 2008 by Ross


So this week I went up to Ruin with Larry to check out the selection of SB’s and while I was there I came across something pretty awesome. It was the Lakai Fully Flared shirts that were shot by Atiba Jefferson. Atiba is one of the most famous skateboard photographers out there and has been killin’ it for a while now. He has branched out into basketball and football over the past couple of years but always keeps the best stuff of his skateboarding pictures. Either way here are a few of my favorite images of his. I hope everyone out there has a great Christmas next week and I will have something pretty awesome for you coming up next week!

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Making of: El Bar Tee

December 17th, 2008 by Larry

Here’s a preview of the new El Bar tee that is one of the many reasons you should pre-pay for their New Years Eve party. $20 gets you so many benefits including one of these shirts. Nothing is more ATL than this tee… except for being a Celtic hater. (Don’t pretend like you rep the A and let me see you at Philips Arena cheering for Boston. That’s negative points in my book, you poser!)

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Set It Off: Adam Darby

December 16th, 2008 by Larry

Adam Darby

black Sunshine, ninjaKId

(yeah I know, working on updating SOON… )

Where are you from?
Gastonia, NC. But I usually have to tell people “Charlotte” because nobody knows where Gastonia is. Sleepy Floyd is from there though!!

Who do you work for? 
Currently working at Cartoon Network on the FusionFall website as a front-end web developer. Contract is up at the end of December… anybody hiring?  :-D

What are your Current Project(s)?
Personal? Website for the Dirty South Crunkball All-Stars (2008 Atlanta Go Kickball CHAMPIONS, Brooklyn Kickball 2nd place in 2008 and 2006, 1ST IN 2007) also working on a new mix so STAY TUNED…

Who would you love to work with?
Epidemik Coalition of course… and after having worked on the FusionFall site, I would love to work for another gaming company (Blizzard, you’re in my sights!). Music-wise, I’d love to do something with Le Castlevania, Treasure Fingers, Rrrrump…

If you had to give all your sneakers away to charity except for one pair, which ones would you keep? 
My Adidas Sambas – the workhorse of my shoe closet!

What’s on your iPod right now?
Really loving this band Hinterland that I found recently… Drop Nineteens, My Bloody Valentine, Malory, The Telescopes, and of course my ALL TIME favorites Lush and Cocteau Twins. I’m on a real shoegaze kick lately. Other than that stuff – Little Boots owns ALL :-)

What’s your Favorite ATL food?
Sundried tomato wings at the Local FTW!!!  Also everything at Bookhouse is AMAZING.

What’s your Favorite ATL hangout?
The Local, Bookhouse, Graveyard and East Side Lounge… and although I long for the days of yore, MJQ will always have a special place in my heart.

What are your Pet Peeves?
Overdraft fees, bad drivers, teeth on forks, IE6 and 7

Shout outs?
My hot girlfriend Kelly, my brothers (Full Metal Lyricist and Warblade a.k.a. DANNY GLOVER), the Black Pack, Ikari Bakudan, and all the Calvin Mercer look-alikes…

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New Years Eve at El Bar

December 15th, 2008 by Larry

Last week I mentioned that you’d be able to become an El Bar V.I.P. and not have to pay a cover during 2009. All you have to do is pre-purchase a $20 ticket to El Bar’s New Years Eve event. There are also many more benefits listed below.

Your $20 Ticket includes:
-Name on Guest List
-El Bar “V.I.P./No Cover” for 2009
-Champagne at Midnight
-New El Bar Tee by PROCESS
-Bag of goodies from sponsors such as StreetLocal, PROCESS, The Joneses, and more…

-Also, there will be a Mariachi band, hopefully playing crazy crunk covers…

The presale starts Thursday the 18th of December.

Contact for more information, or come out Thursday night and pay Colleen or Rosa over the bar.

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Criminal Records “New Order – Substance” Tee

December 15th, 2008 by Larry


Criminal Records asked me to design something for the holidays so I decided to make something a true music fan would appreciate. You can never go wrong with a tribute to Peter Saville and New Order. The tees will be available at Criminal in Little Five Points this week in mens & womens sizes.

Check out production photos after the jump.
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CMYK #42: Jorge Menes

December 14th, 2008 by Larry

The folks at CMYK love our resident photographer Jorge Menes. His portrait of Bruce Turkel and his harmonica has been published in CMYK magazine issue #42. Nice job!

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Photo Friday: William Eggleston

December 12th, 2008 by Ross


Hello everyone and welcome once again to another installment of Photo Fridayz! I want to first start out by giving a little bit of notice to everyone out there about the postcard show that is coming up this Saturday night at Mint Gallery here in Atlanta. The show is open to the public and it is recommended that everyone participate! You can present up to 4 pieces up to 4×6 in size. It should be a fun time with good people so everyone should check it out.

This week I wanted to share with you someone who I find a lot of inspiration from. William Eggleston is a photographer from Memphis and is credited with making color photography a legitimate form of art. He was the first person to have a solo color photography show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and since then has continued to create images up until this day. His images are beautiful in terms of color and composition but are also comprised of the most mundane subject matter. I could go on and on about how amazing I think he is as a photographer and it still really wouldn’t do much justice. If you like what you see in this post I would strongly recommend going out and renting William Eggleston in the Real World. Its one of the better documentaries I have seen in regards to photographers. It gives a very indept and personal look at Eggleston and his process and the steps he has taken over the years to get where he is. Very impressive and well worth the watch.

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Zoom Kobe IV Webcast/Photos

December 11th, 2008 by Larry

Zoom Kobe IV sketches

I just participated in a webcast where Kobe Bryant revealed the new Zoom Kobe IV that claims to be the worlds lightest basketball sneaker weighing in at 11.6 ounces. Surprisingly, it’s a low top sneaker. The sneaker boasts technical details such as Flywire technology in the upper (which was made famous by the Hyperdunk), LunarLite foam in the forefoot, and a Zoom Air unit in the heel.

The sneaker comes out in China on January 1st, 2009 and hits US shelves on the 1st of Febraury. Kobe’s first game in the Zoom Kobe IVs is December 19th against the Miami Heat.

Check out screenshots from the webcast and photos of the sneaker after the jump.
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Special Delivery: Serious Ron™ Holiday Tee

December 11th, 2008 by Larry


Our buddy Serious Ron™ personally dropped off some Holiday packages this afternoon. He laced us up with some of his new Grrrrowling Panda tees. They’re hilarious. Thanks Ron!

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Jamie Hopper Photography Website Launch

December 10th, 2008 by Larry

We just finished the final tweaks on As I mentioned last week, we felt that the great photography should be allowed to speak for itself. Our challenge was to find a way to amplify Jamie’s work while allowing the user experience to be both simple and intuitive.

It’s great that she was so willing to let us do what we do best: taking a design risk knowing we would land our feet. Thank you Jamie for being an amazing client and for bringing us pizza the other day. Everyone loves your site!

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