Introducing: Kevin Blackwell

January 19th, 2009 by Georgios


We have a new friend posting up at the EC studio in downtown Atlanta. Meet Kevin Blackwell. Kevin and I have been hustling all week to get our screen printing setup going again. Epidemik Coalition is rediscovering our roots from the days of Portfolio Center when we use to print tees and posters out of a walk-in closet at the school. Kevin has an art show coming up, so we’ve been printing with every given opportunity. We’ve got some new supplies and some great ideas. Like always, we’ve made do with what we have. We have converted Ted’s tub into a wash out station (sorry Ted, we’ll try to keep it clean) and are printing on an architect’s table that Uncle Rick gave us. Take a look at the photos of us screen printing after the jump.












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3 Responses

  1. Jordan Says:

    Kevin, where the hell did you come back from??? Good to see all of you taking things back. Beers in the closet! Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

  2. Jamie B Says:

    I knew my Tupperware bins would come in handy someday!

  3. mick Says:

    I’m coming by next week.

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