ytcracker – DCPD Bangerz Vol. 1

January 24th, 2009 by Larry

Earlier this week I caught wind of the hotness that is the Dekalb Police Deptartment’s website. The minute your browser pulls up the site, it immediately starts playing one of many lo-fi crunk beats on loop. I enjoyed the website’s soundtracks so much that I sent the link out to lots of friends and received responses such as “Only in ATL…” and “omg this is awesome”. Unfortunately, the DCPD realized that their website was an internet sensation for the wrong reasons and has since taken the music off of their site, but not before nerdcore-rapper, ytcracker, could got a hold of them. He’s since created a six track album where he and his posse drop lyrics to the beats that were previously hosted on the DCPD website. Each song is named after the web URL where the lyric-less track was originally hosted. Don’t believe me? Get the full story here.

Download: ytcracker – http://www.dekalbpolice.com_index_home.html

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  1. mike Says:

    As far as I know, ytcracker isn’t really a household name. But I actually recognized it immediately as someone I’ve seen perform in a freestyle battle in Athens years ago. Glad to here he’s still on top of it.

  2. k-blizzy Says:

    this is amazing.

  3. Mr Ryan Says:


  4. bigsam404 Says:

    Conceptual genius.

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