U.S. Marine Corp Forces Africa Emblem Design

January 26th, 2009 by Jorge

photo by Jorge Menes

A lot a people haven’t met me and don’t know who the hell I am. So for the record, I am the infamous, silent member of the EC crew. I am “the other George” but it’s spelled J-o-r-g-e. I am currently stationed in Stuttgart, Germany, on a little base called Panzer Kaserne. The U.S. acquired this bombed out ‘tank base’ from the 3rd Reich in 1946. Its home to about 120 Marines and is a great place to be. In March 2008, I got word that Marine Corps Headquarters had decided to create a new Marine Component Command to support ongoing missions in Africa. As the weeks went by, my office was tasked with the creation of the new command’s emblem. I thought it would be a great opportunity for EC to show its diversity.

So being the non-designer that I am, I promptly volunteered our boy, Larry Luk, who I worked with closely throughout the process. The first step was briefing Larry on the history U.S. heraldry design. After a few exciting weeks with countless tweaks and revisions with the Chief of Staff, Marine Corps Forces Africa (MARFORAF) had a new mark.

The arrangement of graphic elements and the use of colors all have special significance in the design. For instance, the famous Eagle, Globe, and Anchor had to be present, yet it couldn’t overlap the continent of Africa for political reasons. Also, it was important to incorporate the official Marine colors of Scarlet and Gold.

It was a wonderful experience for EC. This mark will be carried by MARFORAF for many years to come, and will be the symbol for honor, courage, and commitment to the USA and our African partners.

Its not often that one sees the Chinese, Greeks, and the Cubans all working together for the greater good. Here at EC, it’s the norm. While being Cuban can sometimes catch a few laughs from ‘The Birthday Boyz’ on the El Bar dance floor, being a full-time Marine is a bit tougher, yet I’m proud to have had the opportunity to involve my boys in the other very important aspect of my life. Semper Fi!!

See a close up of the MARFORAF logo after the jump.


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  1. CRISTO Says:

    Wow, thats a great story.
    Jorge keep representin over sea’s.
    big up’s EC

  2. +TUNDE+ Says:


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