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Photo Friday: Todd Jordan

January 23rd, 2009 by Ross


This week I bring you a pretty interesting photographer. His name is Todd Jordan and not only is he represented by Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art in New York but he is also a professional skateboarder for Nike SB. His photographs are simple and come mostly from his tours across the country. His part in the most recent Nike video, Nothing but the Truth, was one of the better parts of the entire video. Check it out after the jump.

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Our New President

January 22nd, 2009 by Georgios


In honor of our new president, I’ve been working on a new poster design. I made it in the style of the PROCESS Bombera tee that will be coming out in March and even made a dirty bird presidential seal. Not only is he the first black president but he is also the son of an immigrant. That means a lot to us here at EC since most of us are 1st or 2nd generation immigrants ourselves. It’s the first time in awhile that it felt good to be an American.

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Set It Off: DJ Chris Crisis

January 21st, 2009 by Larry

Christopher Schlitzer

DJ Chris Crisis


Where are you from?
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Who do you work for? 
Boonbox Records

What are your Current Project(s)? 
REHAB, WRBN, making Beats/Songs, Demun Jones’ album, the Lamar Williams Jr. album, mixtapes, filming and editing the Rehab Tour DVD!

Who would you love to work with?
Quincy Jones, Rick Rubin, The Neptunes, and people with unique talent.

If you had to give all your sneakers away to charity except for one pair, which ones would you keep? 
My exclusive zooms Hano Leathers gave me. Or my Nike Aqua socks.

What’s on your iPod right now?
RUN DMC! Forever! It never gets old.

What’s your Favorite ATL food?
Papi’s Cuban on Ponce

What’s your Favorite ATL hangout?

What are your Pet Peeves?
Popping gum, radio commercials, unstable stages.

Shout outs?
Danny Boone, Steak, MIke Hartnett, Hano Leathers, Foz, Chris Hood, Demun Jones, Lamar Williams Jr., Ron Lewis and of course Epidemik Coalition!

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EC & Dr. Blade

January 20th, 2009 by Larry

My buddy Jesse Miller sent me this photo from downtown Atlanta the other day. It looks like we’ve put words in the mouth of ATL’s own, Dr. Blade. This isn’t the first time we’ve crossed paths with Dr. Blade. A couple years back, we both participated in Museum of Design Atlanta‘s “To A T” show together.

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Introducing: Kevin Blackwell

January 19th, 2009 by Georgios


We have a new friend posting up at the EC studio in downtown Atlanta. Meet Kevin Blackwell. Kevin and I have been hustling all week to get our screen printing setup going again. Epidemik Coalition is rediscovering our roots from the days of Portfolio Center when we use to print tees and posters out of a walk-in closet at the school. Kevin has an art show coming up, so we’ve been printing with every given opportunity. We’ve got some new supplies and some great ideas. Like always, we’ve made do with what we have. We have converted Ted’s tub into a wash out station (sorry Ted, we’ll try to keep it clean) and are printing on an architect’s table that Uncle Rick gave us. Take a look at the photos of us screen printing after the jump.

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El Bar Inauguration Party

January 17th, 2009 by Georgios


This Tuesday the 20th, come join us at El Bar for the inauguration of our new president, Barack Obama. DJ Lord and Cristo Disco will be supplying us with celebration music all night. Doors open at 9 PM and the music starts at 10 PM. Free Admission.

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Photo Friday: Jeremy & Claire Weiss

January 16th, 2009 by Ross

This week I’m going to take it back a little bit to one of my all time favorite photography pairs of all time. Jeremy and Claire Weiss are a husband a wife team of photographers that I have known about for quite some time now. I first found out about them from a old photo website called The Paper Brigade (R.I.P!) where I found some of their images they shot of one of my favorite bands, Piebald. They always have really interesting projects and outtakes on their blog over at DAY19. Definitely an inspiration of where I want to be a few years from now and the the type of work that I would like to be shooting.

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Future Digital Web

January 15th, 2009 by Ted


For the new year 2009, Future Digital LLC’s website just went live. Epidemik Coalition designed and developed the site for this boutique fashion photography company based in New York City.

This wraps-up the branding project started in the fall which included other elements such as business cards, custom silk-screened DVDs, laser-cut stencils, and more.

Can’t wait to see what 2009 has in-store for these folks!

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Commuter Culture Mag

January 13th, 2009 by Ted


Friend of EC and Atlanta-based designer Mick Bailey recently launched his very own online magazine called Commuter Culture Magazine. I caught wind of this school-project-turned-online-masterpiece last month and have been checking it regularly since.

Mick describes the vision behind the online magazine as showcasing people and communities have a unique way of doing what we all deal with everyday: commuting. Whether that manifests itself in reporting on a customized surfer van, a world-class bicycle culture, or a story about national ridership trends on rail lines, this site covers real info. Aside from sporting a great visual design, the attitude and content of the online magazine is both unique for Atlanta and very topical in this woeful post-2008 America. Quality-over-quantity rules here, as each post is written as an article with carefully gathered or custom-designed imagery.

I’m interested to see where this haven for a good attitude towards commuting goes!

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Sneak Peek: Dirty Octopi MMXII

January 12th, 2009 by Georgios


So, we have already started working on some new tee designs for Process Summer 2009 release. Here’s a lil sneak peak into one of the designs, Dirty Octopi MMXII. It’s a play off of the Dirty Bird tee designed by Larry.

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