Photo Friday: Ricky Powell

February 20th, 2009 by Ross


In case some of you reading this right now didn’t know a very special guest is coming to EL BAR this upcoming Tuesday night, Ricky Powell aka The Rickster. He is based out of New York City and has taken some of the most famous images of people like The Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, and LL Cool J. You’ve more than likely seen his work on albums like Paul’s Boutique and publications like Mass Appeal. His grainy black and white style has been an influence to many street photographers out there. He’s coming to town to kick off a new night at EL BAR called Waxchaotics this Tuesday the 24th. I’m not completely sure about the format just yet, but I believe people will be able to bring their own vinyl to play out at the event. For more information check out the EL BAR website and for a little more information on Ricky Powell check out his interview here.

More of my favorite Ricky Powell photos and the flyer for Waxchaotics after the jump.







2 Responses

  1. +TUNDE+ Says:

    ricky powell, oh shyt!! i got to be there

  2. Cory Says:

    Great post, Very well put for a legend like Ricky

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