Photo Friday: Snow Dayz

March 6th, 2009 by Ross

Before I go into this week’s Photo Friday I would like to send a friendly reminder to everyone out there to please make sure and go check out the launch of Process today at Standard Lenox, Standard 1841, and EL BAR later tonight! Its going to be awesome and guaranteed good times! 

So as everyone out there knows, it snowed on Sunday here in ATL. Me being from Florida, it’s once in a blue moon that I get to see snow fall and it has been an even longer time since I’ve actually able to see snow fall and stay on the ground. Last year when it snowed, I freaked out. And this year I did the exact same thing. I went to Piedmont Park with the other half of Ayy Gurl Studios, Joe Martinez and took pictures almost the entire day. Here are a few pictures from the both of us!










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  1. Joe M. Says:

    I love snow dayz!

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