PROCESS Custom Skate Deck: A Closer Look

March 12th, 2009 by Georgios


You may have seen this skate deck being passed around at the PROCESS launch Party at El Bar on Friday night. Our friend, Josh Tuminella created this custom skate deck as a gift to us. Josh and I had a conversation the other week at the IDSA portfolio review about this new process of designing skate decks that he was working on for his thesis. The more and more he told me about it, the more I became intrigued. So Josh decided to make a board for us in honor of the launch.

Well, you may look at it and say it’s just another laser cut skate deck that you see at art shows. But there is more that meets the eye. What’s so special about this deck is that when you grind on the board, it begins to reveal a hidden secret. Once you grind away the Process logo, it reveals the EC logo underneath.

We still haven’t grinded on the deck or attempted to reveal the EC logo because we love the deck the way it is and also because none of us have skated in years. If we do, you will be the first to know. Any experienced skaters want to help us out?

Josh, hit me up, I have some great ideas. Nokahoma skateboard?



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