Laced Up: Event Photos

March 16th, 2009 by Larry

Last Friday, we arrived in Charlotte about 3 hours before the Laced Up show at The Forum with our custom custom PROCESS Chukka boots in hand. Just enough time to drop them off with the show’s coordinators, grab a bite to eat, and get back to the show. Thanks a million to our Queen City friends for showing us around town, giving us the VIP treatment, and for the endless hospitality.

Shout outs: Radar for letting us crash at his pad and for the endless shenanigans (videos will surface on the internet), A.C., Camila with Blu Magazine, Myk with D.M.N., Shane, BLNGxBDGT, Bobby and Niche, Josh and Black Sheep, Ryan O’Malley for the sweet prints and the basement tour of the Davidson College archives, and everyone else we met or forgot to mention.

See all the mayhem from Laced Up after the jump. All photos by Hadi.

Chukka’s inspired by the PROCESS Bombera tee

Chukka’s inspired by the PROCESS Bombera tee

Chukka’s by Ryan O’Malley

Hand-stippled Sk8 Hi’s by Chris Stuart

Hand-stippled Sk8 Hi’s by Ryan O’Malley

Slip-on’s by Skinny Bagwell

Era’s by Zak Attack

Era’s by Jessica Sea

The Forum before the big show

The customs area

View of customs and dancefloor

Grabbin’ a beer in my N.S.W. Flymotion Cortez’

Tellin’ Radar a joke.

Radar, Myk, AC, Steph, & Bobby

Georgios, Larry, Myk, Nikki aka Party Squirrel

Georgios, Larry, Myk, Nikki aka Party Squirrel & Hadi

The Party Wolf lookin’ for a fight

Myk Pate vs Larry Luk

Nikki, Larry, Myk

Camden Crooks

Myk Pate vs Larry Luk part II

Best. Pose. Ever.

BLNGxBDGT & Myk doin’ who-knows-what…


Bear Fights: Before

Bear Fights: After

Radar, Zak, Myk

Bringin’ the stanky legg to QC

Party Wolf totally picking fights with everyone

QC’s party pix dude,

w/Josh from BLK SHP

The Black Sheep booth

AC showin’ off some new business cards.

Ain’t no lie, PROCESS crew crushin’ it…

Party Wolf

Niche display

Niche display

Greeks and Wolves don’t get along

Showin’ them fangs

Last Call

Wrist bands galore

Look familiar?

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    [...] A couple weeks ago the crew went to Charlotte for Laced Up and to visit our friends in the Queen City. We were lucky to have Hadi and his video camera capturing a lot of the hi jinx from that weekend. This was taken about 5 minutes after we did some Bear Fights with Myk from Danger Means Nothing escorting us through the city… hilarious! Shouts to Nikki Reid aka Party Wolf for having a good sense of humor afterward. Category: Video, Charlotte Comment: Leave a Comment [...]

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