Yaari.com Goes Live

March 26th, 2009 by Larry


A while back, I mentioned this project as we had just completed designing the mark for Yaari.com‘s rebrand. Since this project was deeply a social-networking site with lots of bulk, EC was challenged with making hierarchical decisions on content as well as coding the CSS for the newly relaunched Yaari.com. After handing over our comps, we’ve been anxious to see the results over the past few months. It’s great to see our work come to life. That’ll never get old.

There are a few new websites we’ve recently completed that are about to launch very soon. Stay tuned for updates!

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  1. mehdi Says:

    I am a member of yaari, but I can not visit main page og yaari for login.
    please send me link of login to my email.
    very thanks

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